Boobs on ChatrouletteChatroulette is a great way to "meet" girls, if your idea of meeting chicks is trying in vain to humor them via webcam and then desperately posting a love letter onChatroulette Missed Connections.

Unfortunately, your chances of finding someone of the female persuasion (old Asian men in bikinis do not count) are much lower than seeing a fully erect dong.

Still, it can be done! We decided to scour the Web for the hottest women on Chatroulette (naked or not). Keep reading to see their screenshots and contribute your own tales of glimpsed hotness in between bleary-eyed hours of endless Nexting.

Jessica Alba on Chatroulette1. Jessica Alba. OK, this is almost certainly a fake, but maybe she's on there and we just haven't captured her. After all, the "Jersey Shore" dudes must have some reason for being here ... and it's probably keeping an eye out for the "Angel" chick.
Naked Girl on Chatroulette 2. Naked girl. Under no circumstances should you hit Report. However, if you're feeling particularly generous, you should probably "Next" her so we get to see some boobies. The last 336 people we've talked to have all been disembodied penises.
Mystery Maiden on Chatroulette3. Mystery maiden. This is probably the only totally hot, non-celebrity female you're going to come across on here. Sorry, but with 180,000,000 users and counting, the law of averages means now only three women in the world use this site.
Paris Hilton on Chatroulette 4. Paris Hilton. Case in point -- if Paris Hilton is using Chatroulette, almost no self-respecting female will be caught in a screenshot anymore. On a side note, is this the only known photo of Paris Hilton in a hotel room on a webcam in which she is not doing it with some Z-list celebrity.
Glasses Girl on Chatroulette 5. Glasses girl. She's probably not even old enough to drink yet, but what guy hasn't fallen for a babe who wears the same spectacles? Check out the chat at the bottom of their screen: "Is this a sign?" the guy asks. "Probably," she replies. And that's how the greatest-ever Internet romance was born.
Genevieve on Chatroulette 6. Genevieve. In February, Awl contributor and Vimeo staple Casey Neistatcreated this expert's guide to Chatroulette. Neistat's video isn't all that notable; mostly he reveals the Earth-shattering news that 95 percent of guys Nexted him instantly. But then he brings in smokin' hot friend Genevieve and, wouldn't you know, 95 percent of the guys wanted to talk to her. (The rest couldn't see her because their giant boners blocked the top part of the screen.)

Star Wars Nerds on Chatroulette 7. "Star Wars" nerds. One way to get hot chicks to stop Nexting you is to wear a ridiculous outfit that catches their interest.A stormtrooper dorkfit works, although you might have to wait forever before you come across a pair like this, which consists of two fairly attractive space dweebs who think the guy playing "Star Wars" sound effects and refusing to talk to them is the "best person we['ve chatted with]."
Youtube Dude on Chatroulette 8. Girl who is amused by terrible YouTube rapper dude. If she's into a terrible rapper who keeps getting Nexted, we have some amazing cultural touchstones for her to check out: Dane Cook, the Wayans brothers movies, Jerry Lewis in the 1980s ... Seriously, though, these two should date.

This got us thinking -- is there anyone out there who has met a girl on Chatroulette and then gone on to actually meet her -- you know, in the flesh?